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All the games featured on this page are either originals, fan-games, or collaborations done with other teams. For collaborative works, I've listed my supporting credits. All the below games are free to play and download.

You can follow my Game Jolt page for new releases, or see what's In Development here.

The Lord of the Rings: All Paths Lead to Doom
Released: April 14, 2022 (Version 2.0)
Engine: Squiffy
A massive text-based fan-adventure where you choose Frodo's choices as he journeys into Mordor to destroy the One Ring. Revisit the entire trilogy, travel down new roads, and build/destroy a new Fellowship in this unofficial re-imagining of Tolkien's masterpiece. Previously released in 2021, the "All Paths Lead to Doom" update features new story paths and bug fixes.
Daddy Rating: Text-based bloody violence, pipe-weed use, and mild wizard swearing.
Released: June 21, 2019
Engine: Unity
Ever wonder what the stars are doing when nobody's looking? "Starstruck" was a two-week project made for the 2019 Adventure Jam. In it, you play as a constellation exploring the night sky in his quest for a cosmic meet-cute. The game was inspired by the solar system books I read to my son when he has younger.
Daddy Rating: Mostly okay. Some alcohol use, suggestive language, and Uranus jokes.
Stair Quest
Released: January 9, 2017
Engine: Adventure Game Studio
Credited as: Sprite and Background Artist
I created art and sprites for this collaboration with No More For Today Productions in the 2017 Adventure Jam. Get your numPad skills ready for an ascension into the unknown as you face the greatest threat to 1980's gaming: stairs! "Stair Quest" is a cold, merciless battle for your soul as your patience and footwork are put to the ultimate test.
Daddy Rating: Should be okay? Features a scary monster. Otherwise, don't type anything and tempt fate. I don't know what kind of surprises the writers hid in here.
Chester Cornfield: Old Timey Detective
Released: April 13, 2016
Engine: Unity
Journey back in time to Old York City where the world's greatest detective must solve the case of a mysterious food poisoning. This is my first fully 3D game made in Unity, and my first original game featuring a full voice cast.
Daddy Rating: Mostly okay. Some old-timey alcohol use.
Late Last Nite
Released: November 24, 2016
Engine: Adventure Game Studio
Credited as: Sprite and Background Artist, Voice Actor and Editor
I drew artwork, wrote puzzles, and voiced a talking parrotfish in this collaboration with No More For Today Productions for the 2016 Adventure Jam. Play as Morgan, a woman who parties a little too hard the night before and has to retrace her steps through three fantasy worlds for her missing junk. Features muppet vampires, a swearing owl, and a full voice cast, including famed "Murder, She Wrote" aficionado PushingUpRoses as the Narrator.
Daddy Rating: Maybe not okay. Lots of bleeped swearing, suggestive humour, and alcohol use. It's basically about a pub crawl gone wrong.
Space Quest Incinerations
Released: January 11, 2012
Engine: Adventure Game Studio
The galaxy is at war. A doomsday weapon is on the move. And all hope rests with a guy who can't even find his luggage. "Incinerations" is my personal full-length fan-sequel to Sierra's "Space Quest" and acts as an unofficial conclusion to the series. With over six years of development, "Incinerations" is a critically-acclaimed space opera, with over 45 minutes of animated cut-scenes, pre-rendered 3D graphics, and epic scores by Frederik Olsen and Matthew Chastney.
Daddy Rating: Maybe not okay. Lots of action, shooting, explosions - no blood. Some light swearing. Was intended to be as bad as a PG-13 movie. Features an infamous drug mixing puzzle that looked better on paper.
Space Quest: Vohaul Strikes Back
Released: December 22, 2011
Engine: Adventure Game Studio
Credited as: Writer, Programmer Animator
The quest for space continues! VSB is a full-length "Space Quest" sequel, set after the events of the non-existent "Space Quest 7". In it, famous space janitor Roger Wilco takes his wife-to-be on a date to a horrible ice planet just to avoid having a serious conversation. Of course, dangers lurk on this icy world and Roger must soon lead a revolution against his old arch-nemesis, Sludge Vohaul. This game is a team effort by VSB Team, long-time friends of BOM and the SQ community.
Daddy Rating: Barely okay-ish! Features crude humour, suggestive humour, European humour and cartoon blood.
King's Quest: The Silver Lining
Released: July 10, 2010
Engine: Torque
Credited as: Lead Animator
Oh, those crazy royals! Over at Phoenix On-Line Studios, dozens of devoted fans came together to create a fan-sequel to Sierra's "King's Quest" series. In it, a nasty wedding crasher sends King Graham on a quest across the Green Isles to save his children from a wicked curse. "The Silver Lining" is a four chapter saga written by Cesar Bittar, complete with 3D graphics and a full voice cast.
Daddy Rating: Mostly okay. Contains scary imagery, a torture scene, and vegecide.
M:I-2: LeChuck's Revenge Demake
Released: April 4, 2003
Engine: Klik 'n Play
This is one of the strangest things I've ever made, and yet one of the most downloaded. M:I-2 is a 'demake' of LucasArts' "Monkey Island 2", created using Windows Paint and Klik 'n Play, and retells the plot of the original game using outdated movie references from 2001. In fact, most of it is just "Fight Club" and "Matrix" jokes, so take it with a grain of salt.
Daddy Rating: Contains very outdated references. Not recommended for millenials and up.
Monkey Island: The Devil's Triangle
Released: November 27, 1999
Engine: Klik 'n Play
This is my first full-length game from 1999 and it shows! "The Devil's Triangle" is a fan-game that serves as a direct sequel to LucasArts' "The Secret of Monkey Island". In it, wannabe pirate Guybrush Threepwood teams up with a misfit crew and ventures into the heart of the Bermuda Triangle in search of an amazing treasure.
Daddy Rating: Contains pixelized murder and mayhem.