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Buckle up for an action-fueled ride into the unknown with "Space Quest Incinerations"! Based on Sierra's popular "Space Quest" series, this fan-sequel returns you to the scuff-free space boots of Janitor Second Class, Roger Wilco, as he ventures into his most dangerous mission yet. Set years after Roger's last adventure, the galaxy is under the rule of a powerful trigger-happy government. Roger's days as a hapless point-n-click hero are numbered until a time-traveling troublemaker steals his beloved Beatrice, his future destiny, and his luggage! Teaming up with his new robot pal, Doomtron, Roger quests back into space for one last epic adventure!

Download the Game
Size: Approx 700mb
  • PC
  • Mac
  • Linux

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  • Hints and Guides

  • Incinerations Trophy Guide by Flashman85

  • Media

    Music and Sounds

  • Roger's Ringtone, by Frederik Olsen
  • Original Soundtrack by Frederik Olsen
  • Original Soundtrack by Matthew Chastney

    Concept Art by Akril


  • Frequently-Asked Questions

    What did you use to make this?
    Adventure Game Studio for the engine. Maya for the 3D animation. Premiere and After Effects for the editing. Photoshop for the artwork.

    Where does this fit into Space Quest continuity?
    "Incinerations" takes place around "Space Quest 9", set in a parallel fan-universe two degrees separated from the canonical timeline. It shares a similar history to the previous games, but explores a darker, contemporary path not followed in the series. Here's a graph!

    Why am I missing a point after following the guide?
    In the travel pod near the end, use the card on the lid instead of the trunk itself. There's a bug that gives you 4 points instead of 5. Save before trying this.

    What happened to Stellar's forehead?
    I didn't like the alien wrinkles in SQ6, so I changed it.

    How do you pronounce "Xavard"?
    Zah-vaard. "Zah" as in "Saw", "Vaard" as in "Hard".

    What's up with the super-secret ending?
    It's based on a music video I made with my brothers in high school. It's meant to be a really stupid in-joke that only the longest-time followers of Box of Mystery would get.