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If you're looking for the original adventure game masterpiece by Ron Gilbert, you're out of luck. "M:I-2: LeChuck's Revenge" is a fast, furious "demake" of the classic PC game. Returning to the tri-island area with glorious low-res "Klik 'n Play" pastiche, you take wannabe pirate Guybrush Threepwood on his journey to find the lost treasure of Big Whoop. But THIS TIME, you're up against bad movie parodies, pop music MIDIs, off-brand cameos, and too many Matrix jokes!

M:I-2 will be the strangest game you might never put down. The whole game is available in 4.5 separate chapters, with the last one containing all the game's alternate endings. And a fair warning: the game does not feature a save mechanic, so set an hour aside for each chapter.

How do I get it running on modern systems?
You need a special emulator called "winevdm". Download the emulator's ZIP file, extract it to a DOS-friendly folder like "C:\otvdm", and run the installation. Then you can install the game's episodes to a "games" directory in the emulator's folder. (Thanks to Billy Votta for the emulator!)


  • Part 1: Scabb Island
  • Part 2: Two Map Pieces
  • Part 3: The One with all the Toffee
  • Part 4: Guybrush Kicks @$$
  • Part 4.5: The Endings


  • Full Walkthrough to be added
  • GameDev Interview on "Threepcast" Podcast