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Re-experience Guybrush Threepwood’s quest for the treasure of Big Whoop in a remake unlike any other. Based on the highly successful adventure game from LucasArts, “M:I-2” (2001) gives the original a downgrade with its campy MS Paint graphics, ripped MIDIs, and parody-driven storyline. New characters, puzzles, and alternate endings galore await in this action-packed follow-up to “The Devil’s Triangle”.

Because of the game tool’s limitations, “M:I-2” does not come with a save function. You can, however, download and play the game’s four chapters individually.

  • Chapter 1: The Largo Embargo – In which Guybrush destroys a backhoe.
  • Chapter 2: Two Map Pieces – In which LeChuck gets the best new sidekick ever.
  • Chapter 3: LeChuck’s Fortress – In which Guybrush reminds us that cool guys don’t look at explosions.
  • Chapter 4: Guybrush Kicks @$$ – In which LeChuck has to catch a train.
  • Chapter 4.5: The Endings – This file alone contains eight of the game’s endings. You’ll need the password from the end of Chapter 4 to unlock it.

  • A walkthrough is available here.

    Use the mouse to play. Double-click on things to interact with them, and right-click to inspect them. Click on arrows to move Guybrush from scene to scene. To use inventory, click the item first and then select what to use it on. You can combine inventory as well.

    Following “The Devil’s Triangle”, I had intended to do a full trilogy of games based on my Monkey Island fan-fiction “The Big Whoop Chronicles”. “The Youth Conquest” would have been the next game, but shortly after seeing “Mission: Impossible 2” in theatres, I was inspired to do a full-length “Monkey Island 2” remake in the same style, turning Guybrush into a gun-toting, sunglass-wearing action hero and using nothing but movie references and parodies to drive the adventure forward.

    The game’s full development took just under a year. Many of the parodies and references are reminiscent of films from 1999-2002 including “The Matrix”, “Austin Powers”, “Lord of the Rings”, and “Fight Club”. I had to include a special “Factoid” option into the game just to keep track of everything.

    This game was developed in Windows 95 on a Pentium, so… yeah. You may run into some issues. On XP, you should be able to right-click the game icon and set a Windows 95 compatibility mode for it (256 colors and disabling themes works fine). For Vista and higher, try downloading the XP Virtual PC from the Microsoft website. Alternatively, try consulting this site for a guide on running the game through Windows 3.1 through DosBox.


  • GGC Media – “Despite the bad engine [Klik-N-Play], the game has been executed very well and it is without a doubt the best KNP game I have played to date.”
  • Fangames.Co.Uk – “This game is what made me start making fangames. LucasArts can just go home and re-think their whole business, for this nearly tops all of their latest games. The charm, the puzzles, the graphics, the references and jokes makes this game the best fangame to date. If adventure games has a name, it must be M:I-2…”
  • World of Monkey Island – “Best.Fan.Game.Evar.”
  • International House of Mojo – “…one of the most acclaimed in the world of fangames. Continuous references to movies, other games, the music scene and much more!”
    Because I’m such a nice guy, they are:

  • For the showdown between Guybrush and LeChuck: SHOWDOWN
  • For unlocking Chapter 4.5: SUDENDETH

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